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Your street, your local park or beach


You take over our CLEAN UP THE SOUTH! project this September!

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Time & place

01 Sept 2020, 7:00 am – 30 Sept 2020, 7:00 pm

Your street, your local park or beach


In normal times, we stage a monthly CLEAN UP THE SOUTH! coastal clean up as a regular Clean Up Australia event. With public health a big issue, we have put this on hold so far this year.

We'd like to ease back into our clean ups, but with a difference, by inviting YOU to take over in September by doing a clean up of your local street, park, beach or waterway. We're calling it CLEAN UP YOUR STREET! Invite some neighbours and friends to join you (at a safe distance) and together your little team can make a big difference to your local environment.

You'll need your own gloves and a bucket or bag - that's it! But don't pick up anything you feel is a health hazard - unfortunately there are now masks/gloves littered around the streets so handle with great care.

Step 1: Choose your location & date - decide where & when to clean up : your street, your local park, or your local beach or waterway. Make it somewhere easy to access that is near your home.

Step 2: Send us an email - via our CONTACT page - to let us know your plans. We're here to help if you need advice.

Step 3: Create some handmade flyers for your neighbours inviting them to join you (whilst socially distancing) - let them know the day, time, duration & goal of your clean up : our goal is to remove rubbish from our local places & keep it out of our waterways & ocean environments. Choose a meeting point where you can start & finish your clean up. Ask your neighbours to bring their own gloves & bags. See example flyer text below.

Step 4: Clean up! Remember - wear gloves & don't pick up anything you feel is a health hazard! Any material you do pick up that you consider hazardous (masks, disposable gloves etc) be sure not to let it touch anyone's skin & keep separate from recyclable materials you may touch again later. If it is something sharp, put it in a container.

Take photos of your team at work & rubbish collected to send to us, please :)

Step 5: At the end, go back to your meeting point with your neighbours & see what you collectively collected. Separate recyclable & non-recyclable materals & dispose of correctly.

Step 6: Go home happy knowing you have made a difference today. Think about doing it again... 

Don't hesitate to contact us - via our CONTACT page - for any advice or if you have any questions.

Example flyer text

Hi Neighbour

On September __________ a few people who live on this street are getting together (at a safe distance) to clean up our __________ (street or local park/beach/waterway).

Our goal is to clean up our local area to keep rubbish out of our waterways & ocean environments.

Will you join us for an hour? We’re part of a wider group of people all doing this in their local areas.

We’ll be meeting at __________ (location) at __________ (time) and will collect rubbish until __________ (time).

Please contact me on __________ (tel number) if you would like to join us.

All you’ll need is some gloves & a bucket or bag. We’ll keep our distance from each other to be safe, & won’t pick up anything that makes us feel unsafe. If we do, we’ll handle it & dispose of it correctly.

Hoping you’ll join our little team to make a difference to our home environment.

____________________ (your name)

____________________ (your tel number)

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